Confusion about the YUN and Serial communication and Xbees

Hello again friends. I am needing some clarification about the use of Serial commands, Xbees, and the YUN while in a truly wireless mode. I have read tons of confusing or at least not complete info on this subject, however this is posted here in the place where I would hope to get the final say on the subject.

Allow me to summarize at least what I think I understand: 1. SoftwareSerial is a part of the newer Arduino IDE and will allow the communication I need to get data to and from the Xbees to my YUN thru a SoftwareSerial assigned set of pins--I've seen (10,11) frequently used in the assignment and Idon't know wheter that is set in stone. 2. One Xbee connected to the YUN must be a coordinator, while any other will either be a Router or Endpoint type depending on whether I am using Series 1 or 2. 3.. I must use the Console to actually see the incoming data by displaying the SoftwareSerial "reads" as the Xbee data is interpreted. 4. There doesn't seem to be an up-to-date official Arduino library specifically developed for Xbees, and especially with the YUN in mind. 5. For merely monitoring a sensor system connected directly to the YUN, I am able to directly use the YUN Server/Client currently in use on the YUN.

Ignorance on my part tends to make this is all very confusing and can make learning disjointed and seemingly chaotic at best, especially for newbies, like me. Any assistance in clarification of my thoughts and or pointing out current relevant thought would be great. I am using the Series 1 Xbees by the way and use the newest Digi X-CTU software for programming the Xbees.

Thanks for all who take the time to sort out newbies, houdinihar