Confusion about Voltage, Mega 2560

Hello all,

I'm confused about voltage and was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction.

I have an Arduino Mega 2560 that was configured by Anycubic for a deltabot printer.

When I test the leads for the extruder's hot-end my multimeter says 12.65v are available (which I need for a newer hot-end). However, everything I read about the Mega 2560's specs says the board operates at 5v.

What am I missing? Yes, I am an EE newbie :slight_smile:

Thanks kindly!


What does "configured by Anycubic for a deltabot printer" mean?

A Mega2560 out of the box does not have "leads for the extruder's hot-end"...

Tell us about the actual hardware in detail please...


I was taking a picture of the board and saw printed on it TriGorilla which is the Mega2560 combined with the RAMPs 1.4 controller board.

I guess at this point it’s not an appropriate question for the Arduino family.

Thanks so much for the help and your time,


If its a RAMPs board there'll be more information on a reprap forum I guess.