Confusion as to which header to use for SPI on Due - ICSP or SPI

I am attempting to hook up a peripheral that uses SPI for an interface. While reading the SPI library, it says to use the ICSP header for SPI. However, there is a specific header on the Due labelled SPI. Which one should I be using?

Thanks for your help!

On the Due use the header marked SPI for SPI ;) I think the ICSP is for the 16U2 only, could be wrong.

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I figured as much - but I was not finding supporting encouragement from the SPI library API. I guess that’s what we get for living on the bleeding (Due) edge :slight_smile:

attention to not exceed 3.3V at the pins of the Due (SPI-2 is connected to +5V). A valuable source in such cases is: where you can solve the puzzle - what is connected to what. I think the confusion SPI/ICSP is caused by the common ISP-library documentation with was issued for the standard Arduino boards - there is not yet a hint for the different labels at the Due.

I wrote up some info on using hardware SPI on Due to include pins and other info to supplement the extended SPI calls at

Can you please correct the Documentation here: and change the word ICSP to SPI at DUE?