congestion 2 character's

any one know how to congestion 2 char , i need it char for function used only char

char x = 1 ;

char ='g';

i need to show 1g

Please tell us what you’re trying to do - your question is nonsense.
Code would be good.

i need to show 1g

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You mean concatenate?

char x = 1 ;

You you mean x = '1'? 1 and '1' aren't the same values

char ='g';

variables need names

i need to show 1g

If you're dealing with single characters, you can build a string of them using sprintf(). If you're using strings already and want to concatenate them, then you should look at strcat().

Does your use of the word "congestion" really mean concatenate?

If so you can not concatenate two chars into one, you have to put them next to each other in an array.

char x = 1 ;
char ='g';
i need to show 1g

x is not a char that will ever be displayed as 1, it is char = 0x31 that will display as one.

As AWOL says you need to say what it is you are trying to do because what you are asking does not make sense.

char x="hello" ;
char x[1]='1';

i want to print 2 of them together

It's very hard to understand what you're trying to do, but I think you're trying to produce a string containing some constant text and some variable data. In that case sprintf() is probably what you're looking for.

int myValue = 7;

char message[20]; // variable to hold the formatted message
sprintf(message, "hello %d", myValue);

// message now contains "hello 7"