Congrats, Osgeld!

You’re on Hackaday! I wish I could do something important enough to make it on there ;D! Cool little project too :).

Thanks but, it has been a slow week, I hit submit

the article was originally published on instructables last summer and is currently my 3rd most viewed and 3rd highest rating (altho I lost the contest it was originally entered in)

Yeah I noticed there wasn’t much interesting this week on HaD. Cool nonetheless! I love how everyone was bashing about it “not being green” in the comments; some people need to get a life ;D.

the closest I came to being green in the article was saying

“the rest can be disposed of properly”

HaD has to make headlines and that’s cool, but their summery just happened to hit a special spot

Hah indeed. I need to do something useful with my time… :stuck_out_tongue:

yea its a shame I didn’t think of this earlier, it could have been your radio shack weekend project

Indeed ;). I ended up creating a stun gun from an old disposable camera (Yes, everyone’s done it, I know :P). It was actually pretty fun ;D!

well making goofy fun stuff is the best part about electronics :smiley:

Agreed, until I accidentally discharged the cap onto my flesh…Won’t be making that mistake again :D!

As quoted by the great Mark Levin, “‘Green’ is the new ‘Red’.”

seems that way :-/

my 3rd appearance on hack-a-day honored me with

Reader [Osgeld] is a board-layout ninja


Yeah I noticed that. I forgot this thread existed or I would have replied :).

i need to do something new, but my current focus is not general public OMG material

although it might be for a group of computer collectors :wink:

This resistor reference card allows you to spin a wheel and dial in the resistor color code for easy reading. We know, you have the simple act of reading resistor code down cold by now. This is still a fun idea that you might use if you’re ever helping someone get into electronics. [Thanks Osgeld]

And again :). Cool thing, too! I’m making one right now ;D!