Connect 10 MPU6050 Bus i2c

Hola amigos tengo el interés de hacer un proyecto con 10 MPU 6050

Se que existe una solución usando pines digitales por cada sensor, pero no me parece una solución ideal.

aquí les muestro un esquema de una idea que quiero poner en practica.

Es posible esto

The addresses of the parts of the MPU cannot be changed. In order to use several an I2C multiplexer is one solution.

So the default address of the MPU6050 is 0x68. The other address of the MPU6050 is 0x69. On the MPU6050 there is a pin for ADO, which can be used to change the address of the MPU6050 to 0x69 from 0x68. Tie the ADO line of each MPU6050 to a GPIO pin. Now you can set the GPIO pins so that all the MPU6050's are at 0x68, which allows all the MPU6050's to be programmed at once. To talk to an individual MPU6050, just change the state of the associated GPIO pin so that the MPU6050 you want to talk to is on 0x69, ream its data, and move onto the next MPU6050.

con 10 MPU 6050

To implement Idahowalker’s suggestion above, you will need 10 Arduino output pins connected to the 10 AD0 pins on the MPU-6050s, as well as the two I2C lines, in parallel to each module (and power and ground, of course).

Pay close attention to the pullup resistors on the I2C lines. If too many devices with pullup resistors are wired in parallel, the combined resistance will be too low and nothing will work.


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