Connect 2 Arduino Uno in ISIS via UART(Serial)

Hello guys, I'm just a beginner in Arduino so I need some help. My teacher gave me a project and it says, that I need to connect 2 Arduino Uno with UART(Serial) and I don't know how to do it. We are using ISIS. I found some information about how to do it but I just found that I need to connect TX on Arduino 1 to RX on Arduino 2 and then RX on Arduino 1 and TX on Arduino 2. I don't know the code or something. Can u help me? Thanks.

What's ISIS?

Read the Serial Input Basics tutorial to see how to do it

What's ISIS?

PROTEUS ISIS is a simulation program, something like EAGLE.

1. Your teacher has asked you to connect two Arduinos using hardware UART (RX/TX) ports; but, these ports are connected with their respective Serial Monitors/IDEs (Fig-1) for sketch debugging and uploading.

2. I would like to suggest to connect thr Arduinos using soft UART Pots (SUART) as per Fig-1.

3. Try to write sketches for both UNO (the sender) and NANO (the receiver) of Fig-1 so that you send the string "Arduino" from UNO and it appears on the Serial Monitor of NANO. The hints:
(1) To create SUART Port, we include the following codes at the appropriate of a sketch.

SoftwareSerial SUART(2, 3);  //SRX = Dpin-2, STX = Dpin-3

(2) To send a string from UNO to NANO, the following code (s) could be executed:

SUART.write("Arduino"); //one character goes at a time; thus 7 frame goes




char myString[] = "Arduino";
SUART.write(myString, sizeof(myString));

(3) To check at the receiver side if a character has arrived from the sender, the following codes could be executed in the receiver sketch.

byte n = SUART.available();
if(n != 0)
   char x =;   //a character has come; read it and save it.
   Serial.print(x);  //show the arrived character on Serial Monitor

4. To receive all the 7 characters of "Arduino", you can modify/expand the codes of Step-3(3).