Connect 3.3v Nano to 12v power supply?

Ok, so bear with me for a minute if this is really as stupid as I think it is.. I have a circuit powering a 12V LED power strip from a 12V/1AMP wall wart. Now, I want to also include a 3.3V Nano in the build so I can use an RGB strip. I've heard some very conflicting "opinions" on whether or not this doable.. I've seen people saying that it'll be fried, and others say current is pulled, not pushed, so if the power is run in parallel it should be fine..

I'm more than happy to buy a small inverter, but that would add more cost to the project and I'm trying to keep that to a minimum. But if it's needed, it's needed, so let me know!


Sure, you can power them both from the same power supply. But of course, you can't power the LED strip with the Due.

Ok, perfect! Thanks!