connect 35 Watt motor with arduino

how can i connect 35 watt motor with arduino?

With a 35W (or greater) controller.

The Microsoft answer: "With a 35W (or greater) controller." Technically correct but not really useful.

But then again, the question itself doesn't provide a lot of Information to solicit a useful answer...

35Watts could mean 350 Amps and 0.1 Volt or 1000 Volts and nearly unmeasurable amps. Is the Motor DC or AC?

If it is DC, the preferred method would probably be a MOSFET and you will find a Million examples on Google. It is also easy to use a relay and the relay wouldn't care if it were AC or DC. Solid State Relays (SSR) DEFINITELY care if it's AC or DC and tend to be expensive.

Research the three alternatives a bit and decide which one fits your Needs best. If you then Need additional advice, please be more specific when stating the question. Please remember that while you are Aware of your Project Details, we are not.

The Microsoft answer: “With a 35W (or greater) controller.” Technically correct but not really useful.

No, it’s the technically-correct answer, intended to jolt the asker into engaging their brain, and provide some details.

but not really useful.

The answer is not only correct, it is also useful.

A controller capable of handling less than 35 watts maximum won't work.

Actually the better answer might be: "do you mean electric motor? If so which one exactly?" After all there are piezo actuators, electrostatic motors, induction motors, variable reluctance motors, hysteresis motors, 5-phase steppers and all sorts of weird and wonderful possibilities.