connect 4 sensors and a GPS , best way ??


I need to connect 3 thermocouples , a GPS and a Pyranometer . Any suggestions . Was thinking of starting out with the Intel Edison kit for Arduino and expanding from there . Would I connect these sensors to serial ports and if so is there an Arduino with multiple serial ports.


Justin Tabatchnick

Thermocouples can't be connected directly to the Arduino. You need a converter chip such as a MAX31855. They're really tricky to work with. If you don't need the temperature range of the thermocouple, there's much better temperature sensors. I like the BMP280 which has an astoundingly good humidity sensor. As a a plain temperature-only sensor with an analog output, the LM335Z is pretty good.

The Teensy 3.x has 3 serial ports. The Due and the Mega have 4.

The Edison is probably not the best choice as your first Arduino.