Connect a GPS sms sending unit to a DSC 1832 alarm system

Hi all,

I have a DSC alarm system which will set a specific port (PGM1) to ground if the alarm goes off, power (6V ( i think) available from a COM port)

Today, I got a GSM unit with pin1 (actually 8 pins) which can be set either to NO, NC or EOL. Now, I want to trigger the the GSM unit to send a SMS if the DSC alarm system goes off.

  • Both systems have their own DC power from AC.
  • I need the simplest solution to fire off a SMS when the PGM1 port is going to ground.
  • Since I'm quite a newbie when it comes to electronics, I need some verification from you skilled guys! :*

My assumption is that I can use a transistor by setting DSC COM port to base, AUX on GSM alarm to emitter and both DSC ground and GSM pin1 to collector. If there is a current between DSC COM and PGM1, there will be current between GSM AUX and pin1. Is this correct?

hints for getting this properly setup will be VERY appreciated! XD

Thanks! Daniel

References: The GSM Controller Unit manual:

The DSC 1832 Alarm System manual: