Connect a PMT to Arduino Mega

Hi ppl,

I have a PMT(which contains a microcontroller) and an Arduino Mega 2560. The Arduino will be connected to my computer.

I can't understand how to connect the microcontroller's PMT to Arduino so i can, in my Arduino Source, command the microcontroller.

I've read the documentation (in english, and i'm not so i try to understand) and the microcontroller has a RS232-c Serial interface.

So how can i connect them and do the Arduino handle supplying the microcontroller?...

Well i'm pretty lost, i don't like electronics much

Thank you for reading !

You going to have to tell us what a PMT is with links to product web page and any documentation it comes with.

Oh yes sure sorry

I think this will probably help you :

This has a RS232-c Serial Interface.

Only the RS232 cable is accessible so i was wondering how can i connect Arduino to it

It looks like your going to need a RS232 to TTL converter (something like this). As you using a Mega the best option would be to connect the converter to one of the extra serial ports (Serial1, Serial2 or Serial3) set the baud rate on this port to 9600,8N1 and start talking to the device using the simple language mentioned in the PDF.

Okay thank you for your help