Connect a Saitek x52 stick to arduino to ouput PPM for RC flight


I read a couple project to use a PC joystick to control RC aircraft and I want to do it.

Here are the 2 example by Ian Johnston

First one Version 2 is nice but your joystick dont work with your PC anymore :

version 3 is better and use a USB host shield, allowing you to keep your stick for PC gaming:

The usb version is nice when you have a small compact joystick … My problem is the x52 is a huge joystick with 2 module the throttle with the lcd and the stick. Because its too big for the field I want to use only the Stick module only and add a thottle pot to it but I want to keep my joystick in working condition for my PC.

I open up the joystick and take a look inside, the USB chip is in the throttle module (Cy7C64515-6lfxc) so I cant use a usb host shield to interface with the stick if the throttle is remove, only 6 wire is going to the stick module ( VCC,Ground,CO1,CO2,CO3,CO4) those are the name on the connector in the stick module.

Those 6 pin are connected in the stick module to a unkown 64 pin IC cover with epoxy (I can see the 1 upper left and 32 bottom right print into the board) On that unkown IC I can see 4 pad mark as Pin2 ,3 ,53 and 54. Im a noob in electronic but because of the name CO1 and COL1 print at some place ( Column 1) this probably a ADC chip right ?

SO this unkown chip sending CO1,CO2,CO3,CO4 to the usb chip (Cy7C64515) : Co1 to pin56 , co2 to pin55 ,co3 to pin43 and co4 to pin 35

Its there a way to intercept those Column from the unkown IC So I can simply hook the arduino to that 6 pin connector from the stick and get the Pot/Hall and button input?

I only have a multimeter right now but I can borrow a oscilloscope if needed to go forward. Im a noob in electronics and this is above my level but im willing to learn and make this work.