connect ACS712-20A to micro with 3.3v operation voltage

Operation voltage of my Microcontroller is 3.3v and I want to sense DC current by ACS712 IC.
How to connect ACS712 to ADC of Microcontroller.
Is this Okay if I use below circuit by this operation voltage of the Microcontroller?

Very thank you.

It is not clear if you have a module or just the IC. The modules are basically just the standard circuit already manufactured on a board. This may help you Using the ACS712 Current Sensor – Arduino++

The output of the ACS712 is ratiometric.
It means that it's zero current point is always half of the supply.

The ACS712 will only work correctly if Aref of the A/D is linked to the supply voltage of the ACS712.
If you don't do that, you could have a drifting zero current point.
The diode will make things worse (temp dependent).
Just use a 1:2 voltage divider, e.g. 4k7 and 10k, (no diode) and see how much "zero" drift you're getting.
It will depend on the stability of the 5volt rail.