Connect an animation wall to a touch sensor (connected to Arduino)

I was wondering how to connect the Arduino with touch sensor to connect with a wall of animation in which when the touch button doesn't get pushed the animation disappears. How would that e possible?

You give us a Web link detailing whatever it is you are referring to as a "wall of animation" and we might be able to start discussing it. :astonished:

as in there is a object that when you touch it it triggers animations on a laptop

Well, thanks to your generous provision of details about your project this is about as far as I can get.

Connect the touch sensor to the Arduino, have it send a command to the laptop (the Serial interface is a candidate here) that makes the laptop trigger animations.

And arguably easier to connect the touch sensor directly to a USB-parallel converter or just a USB-serial module using the handshake lines, and do your programming on the laptop.

This is one of those situations where the Arduino is simply superfluous!