Connect Arduino 1 with STM32 L072 Lora

Please can you tell me how to connect these two boards in such a way that the data coming from arduino can pass to STM32L072 lora board ?
Thank you

You need to provide a link to this 'STM32L072' so its clear which board you are refering to.

Can you describe the actual project, and the Arduinos you are using, its not that clear from the description what you are actually trying to do.

This is the STM32L072 Lorawan board B-L072Z-LRWAN1 - STM32L0 Discovery kit LoRa, Sigfox, low-power wireless - STMicroelectronics and this is my arduino . SparkFun BlackBoard C - SPX-16282 - SparkFun Electronics. Since I use arduino libraries to read data from sensors (AS7265x) I need to pass these data to the Lorawan module board. I hope this is clear now. ask me any further info.
Thank Bye

What your describing is a point to point LoRa setup and there are several Arduino libraries that support that.

The STM32L072 is primarily a LoRaWAN board, which is for use in node to gateway connections, not point to point LoRa.

Whether the STM32 processor on that board allows direct SPI access to the LoRa module (so you can use point to point LoRa) or whether the STM32 version is supported by the Arduino IDE, I do not know.

Might be easier to use a standard Arduino and SX127x LoRa module instead of the STM32 board.

Sorry . I did mean a node to gateway connection use for the Lorawan board. So it is not a point to point. The data are read in the Arduino (connected to sensors) and passed to Lorawan board that will transmit to the gateway. Thank and bye

Then pass the data across one of the serial interfaces, lots of tutorials out there on that.

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Have you been able to program that board with the Ardunio IDE ?

Not yet. Have you any tips ?

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