Connect Arduino Serial Out to Windows

Hello, In the past I have connected my Arduino to my Pi, and sent commands both ways.

However, I am changing and now want a Windows machine connected to my Arduino instead.

How do I do this programatically/physically? I have only ever done this to use the IDE, but in this case I do not want to use the IDE< i only want to send data both ways.


In the code in your PC you just talk to the serial port that the Arduino shows up as.

Get a (free) copy of linux and install it on your PC. The Pi run linux ......

In your programming language of choice you should look into serial/com port libraries that will allow you to send poop to your arduino.
There are a ton of libraries in C and C++, however if you're a beginner and want to get into something easier take a look at PureBasic. It has a built in Serial Port library that you can use.

I do not want to use the IDE< i only want to send data both ways.

You need to have some application on the PC capable of sending and receiving over a serial (COM) port. If you want to type the text at the keyboard and see the response on the screen, there are various serial port utilities that you could use for that such as Realterm. If you want the data to come from / go to some other application, then it would be up to you to find or write that application. The part of the code that communicates with the Arduino is very simple since the Arduino connection is presented as a simple serial port.