Connect ARDUINO to 6v OUTPUT?

Hi, Im new to arduino,

Im doing a project which need me to connect 6v solenoid to arduino uno.

Anyone please kindly guide me how can I connect 6v solenoid to arduino uno since uno is giving out 5v of output. :drooling_face:

See THIS about controlling power with Arduino.

Thanks for your reply but I forgot to mention before that Im avoiding to use relayas it is the requirement to my project. Can you suggest other method?

Have Arduino control a transistor, which will act as a switch to turn current flow on and off in the solenoid coil.
This drawing shows a relay coil, or a motor coil, a solenoid coil is controlled the same way.

The transistor you use will be determined by how much current needs to flow in the solenoid. An N-channel MOSFET may be a better choice for high current flow, as it's on resistance, Rds, can have lower voltage drop across it than the voltage across the transistor, allowing a higher voltage across the solenoid and more current.