Connect Arduino to Android device using WiFly module

Hi! I want to control my Arduino (send and receive data to/from sensors) with my device running Android 2.3.4. I have a Wifly Module RN-XV connected with a XBee Shield to an Arduino Duemilanove, and I want to know if I can connect themselves without a wifi router, because if I have to use a wify router, I can connect it to Arduino with an Ethernet cable and I don't see the need to have the Wifly module. I thought that with the Wifly module I could connect my device to it on adhoc mode, but I just realized that my Android device can't connect to adhoc... Is it true or am I doing anything wrong? So, what are my choices to do this?


Hi, I'm no expert by any means, but i know the Wifly module can connect to AdHoc networks, and a quick google shows us why android doesn't show adhoc networks along with some ready to go apps. Since i dont have an Android phone i can't test any of these though.

good luck!

Yes, but all these apps require your phone to be rooted... And I don't want to mess with that :P