Connect Arduino to homeServer and Android Phone

Hi, I dont know how exactly to make this, so I post my idea here and hope for an answer :)

So I want to connect the Arduino to a home Server.

At the same home Server I want to connect an Android App that I made.

I want to change Arduino's program variables from Android using the home Server to connect them.

Any help where to look, how this can be done, I would appreciate that :)

Thank you, 3kAnanym

There are thousands of possibilities to achieve this. You first have to decide how you connect the server and the Arduino. By cable? Wireless? If yes, what range does it need? How reliable does it have to be? What will the environment of that setup be? Questions over questions. You should answer them or tell us a lot more about your project. What will the Arduino have to do in the end? Just a blinking LED? Are you experienced in server programming? What technologies do you know there?

Hi, welcome to the forum.

How would you want to do that ? bluetooth ? PHP ? UDP ? Which Arduino board do you have ? Do you want to send to the Arduino board command for leds and relays ? Or a stream of data ?

What kind of home server do you have ? A linux machine ? Something embedded ? Can you add bluetooth or a RF module to it ? Can you directly connect the server to the Arduino board with a serial port or does it have to be ethernet or wireless ?

There too many possibilities.

For example the Arduino Yun can run a website. Even the Arduino Mega and Ethernet Shield can do that.

(that's funny, while I wrote this, pylon wrote the same).

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I haven't decided anything yet, since i don't know which way is better... So i tell u how I think it might work.

I want to use WiFi or Ethernet to get them connected. My idea is to connect them via Internet and not by USB cable into a PC.

I am using Arduino UNO. I dont have WiFi but I have Ethernet. So for start I want to go Ethernet but later WiFi. :D

I guess I'm gonna use PHP and json files. Is this possible to work with Arduino?

The Home Server will be XAMPP on Windows or Mac OS.

I wan to send a message from the Android App to Arduino and it gonna open a relay.

Thank you for your reply and sorry if i write a bit complicate but I im confused of how I'm gonna do this and try to figure it out. :D

And Arduino Uno with Ethernet ? That will work, but the Arduino will soon run out of memory when you also use the SD card and many sensors.

You can run a webserver on the Uno (with or without webpage) and transfer data to it with That is the most common way to transfer data. The Arduino can transfer data to the Home Server that way, but also to a site (with PHP and a database) hosted by a provider.

It would be nice if the Arduino has its own webpage, that is very handy to check for the status and show info. I have a status page that shows the amount of memory, so I can check for memory leaks. It also shows the date when the sketch was compiled and the voltage of the power supply and many more.

In the same way the Arduino can talk to the Home Server. The Home Server can have a PHP page and store data from the Arduino that way.

You can start with this: