connect arduino uno to the cloud

I want to send data to the cloud through arduino uno using GPRS and on the other hand want to retrieve the same data from cloud to my mobile phone.Please do reply

Please do reply

Go right ahead.

Of course, the first thing you'll trip over is that most access to "the cloud" is via https, not http, which the Arduino can't do.

"The cloud" is a name for something that can be many things. Is it your server at home? Or at Microsoft/Google/Apple/etc/etc/etc? Like PaulS said, if it is an HTTPS connection, you're out of luck, this would not be possible directly with Arduino. You would need an intermediate server to send your data to, which in turn would run a script to put it on the cloud service of your choice, but then why wouldn't you just leave it on that intermediate server and skip "the cloud" all together?