Connect Arduino YUN and arduino DUE for reset on arduino DUE

Hi everyone, I'm working on a project to create an automated system to control the irrigation in some fields .

Actually I've connected a arduino Yun and a arduino DUE using the I2C bus and that's working perfectly.

My only problem is that when the arduino YUN sends a command to the arduino DUE this one starts executing a specified sequence and there is no way to stop it unless powering it off or resetting it.

This is why I'd like to connect one of the pins of the arduino yun to the RESET ping of the arduino due so that when I give the yun the command reset this brings the pin state to low and so resets the arduino DUE.

Do you think it's electronically possibile to do it? I mean the yun works with 5 volts on the outpins but the DUE works on 3,3 volts logic... Will it burn anything?

Thanks to everyone.