connect chip to arduino and use i2c

some have any idea how i connect this chip to arduino .

Solder, croc clips, pogo pins, bench clamp . . .

I only see 2 pads, are there more? Most anything connected to I2C will need 4 - SCL, SDA, Power, Gnd.
Get a small solder iron and attach some leads once the other pins are located.

You sure that's an I2C device, not some weirdo single-wire protocol? What is it? Datasheet?

i am not sure.
its a tuner chip .
mebay its not i2c?

Feel free to be forthcoming with details.
FM tuner?
Piano tuner?
Details could also include better pictures.

toner cartridge

So that's a 1-wire protocol device, if those are the only pads - my betting is it's the security chip (which I assume is why you want to fiddle with it). Research that model online and see if anyone has figured out how to interface with it - it may be challenging due to it's being designed to prevent tampering.

are you sure that 1-wire protocol device?

Have you got any better ideas?