connect Chipkit Uno32 with Arduino Micro

Hi guys, Does anybody get Chipkit and Arduino connected?

I want to run the timecritical maincode at he chipkit and get 3 ultrasonic rangefinder on the Arduino Micro. Sometimes in the code the chipkit read out the distances.

My thought was to use the I2C Bus. Or is there a better way for such "Multitasking"?

Thanks Thomas2014

My thought was to use the I2C Bus.

That or serial. What have you tried?

Hi Thanks for your reply. I'm still working on the code for the chipkit. Building a laserharp the timing for controlling the beams and heck the photosensor takes the whole computing power. But i need three ultrasonic sensor for scanning the distance of my hand at left, middle and right. This and the smoothing math needs processingpower. Do you now, how to get a variable over the bus? I've heard, serial communication pauses the chip sometimes. Is this true?