Connect Crossfire tx/ rx module as input

I have just started using an Arduino Uno for robotics and was wondering how I could use my Taranis q7x controller with a TBS CROSSFIRE NANO TX to control my motors and other functions. I have the TBS CROSSFIRE NANO RX and I know it is sbus compatible, but I am having difficulties with finding correct documentation. I am quite new to this specific topic but have good general technical knowledge, so any advice would be appreciated.

The Uno is a nice part, but if the target is small look at the Nano, it is smaller, lighter and probably less money. As far as the CROSSFIRE end I have not worked with it before. I looked and found a lot of different things with the same name. You might want to post a link to your parts showing technical information. Can you post a simple schematic or block diagram showing how this goes together. Please a hand drawing is much better then a frizzy picture.

The Team Black Sheep (TBS) stuff is not cheap, you might expect TBS to provide adequate documentation and support for their products .......

I will definitely loon into the nano. as for the components they are as follows:

receiver: Team BlackSheep Online Store - TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (

Data Sheet for Crossfire: TBS_CROSSFIRE_manual_V2 (

The transmitter is hardwired into the radio. from there it transmits to the receiver which can output sbus on ch out 1. that currently is going directly to pin 0 of the Arduino. the 5v power is supplied by the Arduino. I've gotten random integers being displayed in the serial console, using a very basic serial script (no decoding), but i have no idea where to go from here. I may be overlooking something very simple as i am quite new to Arduino. Do i just need to use a sbus decoder?

Here are the other links (can only post 2 at a time as im a new user to the forums)

radio/ controller: Taranis Q X7 - FrSky - Lets you set the limits (

transmitter: Team BlackSheep Online Store - TBS Crossfire Nano TX (

The documentation for regular uses such as to a flight controller (drone/ plane) are very well documented but abstract things such as this, not so much.

Hey Trickster - let me know if you've had any luck with your project. I'm looking into doing something quite similar with a Crossfire Nano as the receiver module into Arduino to then drive brushed motors using an ESC. The ESC will receive PWM signal from the Arduino or that is the plan at least. Please share what you've found so far!

Same here, but im planning to use ELRS nano with arduino and then control outputs on the arduino, no idea on how to do this tho!