Connect / Disconnect

Hi everyone, I am running a servo sketch on an Uno that just turns the servo one direction, then stops and reverses the direction. Just a basic sketch to see if the servo is good. When running the sketch Windows 7 keeps detecting, then dropping the COM port. Not quite one second before it disconnects then connects. The sketch runs, the servo turns but it seems that on EVERY step of the sketch the Uno will be dropped by Windows then connect again. It happens so fast that I was barely able to upload the "blink" sketch to get it to stop "ba dump"ing when Windows recognized it. I tried uninstalling the IDE and reinstalling, I tried different COM ports and still keeps doing this. Enough to drive you insane with all the connect / disconnect sounds happening every .75 seconds. (That's right POINT SEVEN FIVE SECONDS) not 75 seconds haha. If anyone has ran into this issue I would love to hear what your solution was. I am using the latest Windows 7 IDE from this site. (Not the Beta). Windows 7 64 bit OS. Thanks for your help.