Connect dmd to Mega 2560

Hi all

I am trying to connect a Freetronics dmd to a Mega 2560 R3 board. I have read all the help I can find on this and so far no luck. I have found out that the SPI pins are moved from D10-D13 to D50-D53. I have tried connecting the dmd directly to the Mega without using the CON board. As the DMD library does not support the Mega I have tried to create a DMD2560 version by changing the DMD.cpp and DMD.h files but without success as my cpp skills are minimal. Any guidance would be welcome.

The DMD certainly works with the Mega (and any other Arduino-compatible board with 5V SPI). You don't need to alter any code or libraries.
Just run separate wires from the connector board that comes with the DMD to the matching on your Mega

connector board > Mega (etc)

13 > D52
12 > D50
11 > D51
10 > D53
9 > D9
8 > D8
7 > D7
6 > D6


You can see the connector board schematic here:

i want DMD connector alone from wher can i get it and i am from india

i want DMD connector alone from wher can i get it and i am from india

They are not sold separately, one is included with each new DMD.

I have the same problem with my mega and oled display: no support from web and lack of tuts with mega, it is not also change the pin out diagram but it have to change code, no tuts with Uno can easy pass to Mega, , =( by the way someone can help me:Easy with you, hard with newbee, Oled 12864 4spi Helppppp me, god bless you:( - Displays - Arduino Forum