connect l298 motor controller ic with rc receiver

Hello, I have a normal RC hobby receiver which has 3 pins per channel-
vcc,gnd and PWM.
I know that I cannot connect a high power motor(brushed) which also requires large amount of current directly to a receiver. I read that l298n can supply 4amp per motor which is pretty good for me. But it has so many input and other wires. I only need three wires basically for connecting to my receiver as mentioned above. and two other wires for connecting a brushed dc motor. also i need to supply current/volage(battery) seperately - so two other wires for battery terminal. so it must have 12 wires-

  1. PWM for first motor(to be connected to receiver channel1)
  2. PWM for second motor(to be connected to receiver channel2)
  3. VCC for battery
  4. GND for battery
    5)VCC for first motor(to be connected to receiver channel1)
    6)VCC for second motor( " " " " channel2)
    7)GND for first motor(" " " " channel1")
    8)GND for second motor(" " " " " channel2)
    9)OUTPUT1 for first motor
  5. OUTPUT2 for first motor
    11)OUTPUT1 for second motor
  6. OUTPUT2 for second motor
    This plan is for 2 motor h bridge. Also If I want to supply 12v per motor which battery should I choose if I am connecting 4 motors(each motor requires 12v and 1+amp current). 2 motors per channel.
    will the current be divided? what will happen? please tell me? I have difficulties in reading the datasheet. Also will the voltage be divided?
    What to do?

Thankyou in advance,
Rahul Vyas

Generally you would use an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) that is designed to connect to an RC receiver and control a DC motor. They come in a wide variety of current capability. They often also include a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) which allows the motors and the radio receiver to be powered by the same battery pack.

I know that but I dont know how to use that? Please read my whole question completely.