Connect magnetic sensor to Arduino


We have a school project, and we are totally new to Arduino (and electronics in general).

We need to connect magnetic sensors to a Arduino board, and we were wondering if we need something in between and if we need resistors.
We found this magnetic sensor: Digital_magnetic_sensor_SKU__DFR0033-DFRobot.

Thanks for your answers!

Here is the schematic link

As you can see, there is a pull up resistor.

If you are new to Arduino, start by working through the simple examples that come with the program development software (the IDE).

Learn the programming language, the special features of the Arduino (like how to read external signals), and important programming concepts like that presented in the "Blink without delay" example.

I'm not sure what kind of "magnetic sensor" you are expected to use. There exist transistor-shaped 3-legged Hall sensors, with digital or analog outputs just as you like, which require not more than (eventually) a pullup resistor. Also available are 3DOF compass modules, for use with the earth or similarly weak magnetic fields.

Thank you all for your answers!

To summarize quickly our project, we have a campus model. When the player put his piece in a square near a building, we wanted that a video starts (on the computer) without our intervention. (the player can go to differents buildings, but each time another video starts).
So, we were thinking to use magnetic sensors to detect when and where the piece is put near a building. The magnetic sensors would be connected to a Arduino board, and the Arduino board to a laptop.

Our main problem is the installation: which components? How to connect them?


What's the material of the piece? Do you have to build a metal or a magnet detector?

If you were to do a "little" more reading of the dfrobot link you posted you would find this;

Everything you need to connect and code.

Tom.. :slight_smile:

Ok thank you, apparently we missed this link.

And for the piece it will have magnet in it.

But I guess we should be ok now with the link, thanks.