Connect MaKey MaKey to Arduino (Mega)


I am using a Arduino Mega to collect Data from different sensors.

Now, I also want to collect data from my “MaKey MaKey” board.

On my computer, I am able to process input from my MaKey since it acs as a normal keyboard.

How can I make usage of my MaKey “keyboard” on my Arduino Mega? I tried to run the “Keyboard Message” sample app that is shipped with the Arduino SDK, but it says “Keyboard is only supported by the Arduino Leonardo”

Any Ideas? Thanks a lot for your thoughts


Add a USB Host shield to the Mega so it can be a master to the slave keyboard?
Have a link to the MaKey unit?

Its about this one:

I think it is kind of a Arudino, since it can be programmed using the Arduino IDE and a addon: MaKey MaKey Advanced Guide -

so with the USB host shield i can use any keyboard as an input for my arduino mega?!

The Makey uses an atmega32u4, just like the leonardo. Instead of serial port, it shows itself as keyboard at the usb-port though.

I don't own one, but by looking a bit on the makey-forum, I understand you can program them with the arduino-IDE, after adding the needed board-files in your arduino-hardware map.

Since you are able to write your own firmware/sketches on both makey and mega2560, a few wires and 2 free pins on both boards could already be enough to have both communicate with each other.

That would save you the money for an USB-host shield and the time required to learn about USB-specifics.