Connect MAXREFDES131 to Arduino


I got a MAXREFDES131 which is an EyeGrid Sensor. I am new to the Arduino world and have no idea on how to connect the component to my Arduino UNO.

Here is all the info I've got on the MAXREFDES131

The tutorial only says : connect your MAXREFDES on your Arduino board...

Thanks in advance for your answers !

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The information you posted says the MAXREFDES131 must use the MAXREFDES130#, MAXREFDES132#, or equivalent 1-Wire hardware interface. For Arduino, this interface must use the DS2484 I2C-to-1-Wire master.

Do you have a 130, 132 or equivalent and are you using them?

Hi! Thank you for your answer! I just acquired the MAXREFDES132. It has an RJ11 port meant to connect the MAXREFDES131 I presume. But, I don't know how to link the MAXREFDES132 to the Arduino board.
Can you please help ?