Connect MH-Z16 co2sensor to arduino without bridge board

Hello, I have a MH-Z16 sensor. According to this post, link I can skip the bridge board, connect it directly to the Arduino. Reading the datasheet datasheet, I am not sure which sensor output goes to which Arduino pin. I think it might be something like this:

MH-Z16---PIN-------Description--------Arduino Nano Pad4 Vin(input voltage 4.5V~5.5V)--> 5V output Pad3 GND------------------------------> GND Pad2 Vout (0.4~2V,custom made)----> ? Pad7 PWM------------------------------>D3, D5, D6, D9, D10 or D11 Pad1 HD-------------------------------->What is HD pin? Pad5 UART(RXD) 0~3.3V input digital->TX1 Pad6 UART(TXD) 0~3.3V output digital->RX0 Can someone give me sone guildences? Thank you.

You need to decide which method you want to use with that sensor. Then you can worry about pins.


When I asked the question, I already decided I don't ant to use the bridge board. the Ain when does the sensor labelled HD goes to the Arduino? What is HD?

Based on this URL, More info It may be the 3.3 volt or Vdd pin. I don't read Chinese, either.