connect MKR1000 to pasword protected website?


I was wondering, is there a way to connect an MKR1000 to a password protected website?

When I'm at home I can connect my MKR1000 to the network over wifi without any trouble but I'd also like to use the MKR1000 while travelling and then I need to connect it to my internet provider over a password protected page.
=> this is the same system used at some hotels, wifi is open but you can only get on the internet after sending a login and a pasword.

Any clues how this can be done on the MKR1000?

Only if you know in advance what the PW is and do something like IF loops for the wifi.

Otherwise you would need to connect it to a device to give it the password.

Or add a touch display to give you an option of entering a password.

Of course I do know the password :slight_smile:

SUDO code..

If wifi available "location A"
connect with password "ABC"
else if wifi available "location B"
Connect with password "123"
else if wifi available "location C"
connect with password "a1b2c3"