Connect modbus-rtu rs485 temperature and humidity module to Arduino

I want to output the temperature and humidity by connecting modbus-rtu rs485 module to Arduino. But I do not know how to connect with Arduino or how to code it. I have a ttl to rs485 converter module.

Add temperature and humidity module and converter link.

rs485 modbus temp&hum module

arduino ttl to rs485 converter module

I don't think this is a beginner project. You will need an english datasheet in Latin letters if you need help from international side (within this forum). There are several sensors out there with the same shell but different modbus registers. So pls ask the vendor for something in english.

A DHT22 sensor (identical accuracy data) is cheaper than then one you linked to and much easier to connect to an Arduino. Why do you want to take the hard way to connect this thing by ModBus if you can have the same data with less effort?

Hello, I have the same idea as you, do you succeed now?