Connect multiple BLE devices to Arduino

I need to connect multiple Bluetooth 4.0 devices to the arduino.

There is a "master" module, which is an arduino + WiFi + HM-10 BLE module.

Then there are "slave" modules, which are made with an arduino + sensor + HM-10 BLE module.

I have one master module and multiple slave modules, and I want to read the sensors data of the slave modules from the master module, but keeping the connection open with both slave modules simultaneously.

Is that possible? Thanks!

I believe there are two possibilities:

  1. Have two bluetooth modules on the master Arduino

  2. Incorprorate AT mode into your programme so that you can setup the connections alternately.

Did you ever get this to work?

Im trying to use a hm10 module on an Arduino UNO to actually send commands to an hm12.