Connect multiple LEDS

Hello i want to connect 5 LEDS together. I only have resistors with 220 Ohm and some color LEDS. How should i connect them? I am newbie in these stuff :/ What battery do I need? Can i use an arduino and also can i use only one pin? thank you!!!

Connect 5V to resistor, resistor to anode, cathode to an arduino pin. One LED per pin.

How is the Arduino powered? From the battery?

I want some "hidden LEDS" over my bookself. So, if you can think something else it would be great. I guess i could have a usb cable from my computer also :/

By the way i did light one LED what must i do for more? this is my problem? I dont know how to connect them..

what must i do for more?

Repeat using another LED and resistor.

Is there an arduino in this project?

I tried that in parallel but all leds (2) have too small brightness. Not enough power or something? Am I doing something wrong?

Also for 5 LEDS a 220 Ohm resistor is enough? Do i need more Ohms?

What I have learned about leds, there are a couple factors involved when running color changing leds. Are you using RGB 4 lead cathode or anode? Regular or leds with a ic built inside? ws2812b Do you plan on changing colors by the action of another event? Movement, sound, ect?

basic design

A TLC5940, 5 RGB-LEDs and an Arduino: Hardware: Arduino Breadboard Breadboard jumper wires Breadboard power module Resistor 10k Resistor 2k RGB LED common anode TLC5940

If you are going to do straight lines of leds = ws2812b is the way to go. all you need 5v and a control pin from a arduino control color changing.

I think my problem is simple and these answers too complicated. :/ My LED is a CLASSIC simple ultra simple white light LED :) :P The most common that exist. Dunno if you need more information about the LED.

Also, what i exactly do is:

connect GND from the arduino to the lower leg of a led then the taller leg to the lower leg of another led then the taller leg of that led(2nd) to a 200ohm resistor and theeen to the pin 13. (blink example loaded). Both of the leds are not HIGH or LOW, they light like 20% of HIGH brightness. Hope i am clear, if not i ll upload a video.

if i understand about the example blink

the below results is the same light intensity?

void loop() { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level) delay(1000); // wait for a second digitalWrite(13, LOW); // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW delay(1000); // wait for a second }

the only other factor is voltage and resistance.

OOook thank you. I dont know what happend but now it is working.

My LED is a CLASSIC simple ultra simple white light LED :) :P The most common that exist.

No the most common LED is the red one. White ones are comparatively new and not common at all.

Do not connect more than two LEDs up to one arduino pin like this as if you connect any more it will draw too much current from the arduino pin and damage the arduino.