connect multiple wiegand readers to esp8266 using arduino

I want to connect two RFID readers to a single ESP8266 module . So I have used the wiegand Liberary which I downloaded from here :

Then I used the liberary example and modified it for 2 readers .

#include <Wiegand.h>

void setup() {
 // default Wiegand Pin 2 and Pin 3 see image on
 // for non UNO board, use wg.begin(pinD0, pinD1) where pinD0 and pinD1 
 // are the pins connected to D0 and D1 of wiegand reader respectively.

void loop() {
 Serial.print("Wiegand HEX from RD1= ");
 Serial.print(", DECIMAL = ");
 Serial.print(", Type W");
    Serial.print("Wiegand HEX from RD2= ");
    Serial.print(", DECIMAL = ");
    Serial.print(", Type W");

I have connected my Node mcu module to the readers via a level converter . D4 and D3 are connected to reader 1 , D2 and D1 are connected to reader 2
The problem is that when reader 1 sends data sometimes the esp says that it is from reader 2 and vice versa. so I can’t understand which reader has read the card.
could you please help me find the problem ?

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