Connect on SSL site don't work


My MKR1000 can't connect to various SSL website ( or for ex.) but it's ok for some other (, ...)

I correctly added the certificate for this site with this tutorial : Arduino Project Hub

I use the WifiSSLClient sketch exemple to test it.

Somebody have an idea ?


After some search it seems that the no working website use a Comodo ssl certificate.

The Comodo chain uses SHA-384, which is not supported by the WINC1500 at this time. :frowning:

I found an issue about that : TLS 1.2 support advertised but no SHA-384/SHA-512 capability · Issue #48 · arduino-libraries/WiFi101 · GitHub
In the last response the guy tell Atmel plan to release an firmware update with SHA-384 support in june 2016. Can't wait !

Yes, you are correct.
We are waiting for the update from ATMEL, that should happen in these days. :slight_smile: