Connect PC to Bluetooth Shield

I am trying to connect my PC to my Arduino Uno and this Bluetooth Shield from SeeedStudio.

I copied most of the code from their wiki, and I think everything works because I was able to change the AT Name and Pin.

But the method blueToothSerial.available() stays 0. So I assume this means that it doesn’t receive anything?

I tried connecting it with Putty using the COM port that my pc assigned to it, but it show as connected in my list of bluetooth devices, it only says paired.

I think this is the time to beg borrow or steal (perhaps even buy) a laptop or phone with bluetooth built-in. Your problems are likely to be all to do with bluetooth installation in the PC. By using a phone, you can prove that bluetooth, Arduino, and code are all kosher. While I don't have much motivation to use bluetooth on my PC, I have never succeeded either.