Connect Pro Micro To Arduino Mega2560

I have just got myself a Pro Micro, and im planning to connect it to either the Arduino Mega2560 or maybe my PC. Im trying to turn distances from my ultrasonic sensors into mouse movements. Im aware that the Pro Micro will allow me to transform distances into mouse movements.

How do I connect my Pro Micro to my PC or Arduino Mega2560, and what would be my best option?


If you are wanting the Arduino micro to emulate mouse movements on the pc, you simply connect using a USB cable. For connecting a micro to a mega you have several options depending on exactly what you want to do e.g. serial,I2C, SPI etc.

I appreciate the quick response,

Im still quite new with Arduino, so could someone send me a detailed description of where each wire needs to be placed? I will end up soldering the wires to my Pro Micro, so I want to make sure I get it right.

If you want the pro micro to communicate with the PC, simply connect it via USB. Don’t forget the line while(!Serial); in setup().

If you want to connect it to a Mega, you connect pins 0 and 1 to one of the (additional) serial interfaces of the Mega; Pro Micro’s RX e.g. Megas TX3 and Pro Micro’s TX to e.g. Megas RX3.

On the Pro Micro, use the Serial1(1) object for communication with the Mega and on the Mega use the Serial3 object (for the given example connection).

I have no experience with the Pro Micro but Serial1 is the usual object to use on other 32U4 based boards like Leonardo and Micro.

Great, Thanks so much!

I will give this a try