Connect Reset directly to VCC?

I'm soldering together a permanent project that I never, ever intend to reprogram nor reset after installation. Can I short the Reset pin directly to VCC?

This is specifically for an ATtiny85, but I think the answer will apply to all Atmel AVRs. The goal is to prevent spurious resets without an external pullup resistor, as the built-in pullup on Reset is pretty weak. The end-user, who won't know/care about reprogramming, can yank the battery in case of malfunction.

I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes" because I believe Reset is essentially a high-impedance input with an "equivalent resistance" on the order of megaohms so it won't drain the battery, but just want to make sure nothing goes poof...


I assume you will be programming the chip before installation rather than via ICSP. Yes, you can connect reset to Vcc. Or you can set the fuse bit that turns it into an I/O pin.

Can I short the Reset pin directly to VCC?

OMIGOSH NO! Don’t EVER do that! If you do, monkeys will start flinging their own poo!

Too late!

People NEVER listen! >:-|

john1993: in tests i was hired to perform connecting ANYTHING to that pin always made things worse. caps, resistors, short to vcc, all caused more trouble in noise tests. even unconnected ic pad on the board picked up pulses from his welding equipment. in fact for ultimate protection we ended up cutting off the reset pin completely but that was extreme.