Connect small solar cell to measure light intensity

How to connect the solar cell with a max voltage of 3,6V and read outpjut voltage in arduino uno?
Many thanks


This should go in project guidance - the subject heading for installation and troubleshooting specifically says it's not for questions relating to your project. :-/

A solar panel is not the best way to sense light intensity, Better to use a phototransistor or light-dependent resistor ( LDR aka photocell) - these are small, cheap, and better for that application.

I would second DrAzzy for most applications.

That said I use a reclaimed solar panel for light measurement on two of my projects as I found they gave me smoother output in an environment where light might change quickly and the LDR's often measures those changes too easily for my use.
It is probably due to the larger surface area not being affected as easily in my instance.

Only caveat in my case was finding the correct values for a voltage divider.
After that I just mapped the output to the full scale 0 to 1023 in my case.

See MAP function as I know it is something you were asking about.