Connect strain gauge transducer SPH

The situation is as follows:

withdrew from the Chinese weights up to 5kg’s such a strain gauge

it is

Get the data weight need …

Since the sensor has four wires … apparently two input and two output

Connected to input GND via 10K and +3.3 v

Output is connected to the A0 and GND via 10K


int Pin = 0;   

void setup() 

void loop() 
  val = analogRead(Pin);     

At the output of the monitor can see the figure 633-638

at a pressure strain gauge on the data does not change either as (((

Please advise how it can run and get the data correctly)

Can the arduino read the output direct? or do you need a transducer?

Strain gauge (or sometimes called load cells) are a simple resistive network wired as a Wheatstone bridge. Two of the wires are for excitation of the bridge, you can use the arduino +5vdc regulated voltage and ground and the other two wires will output a low millivolt reading proportional to the strain. Such low millivolt readings are unsuitable for direct measurement of arduino analog input pins. One generally utilizes a precision differential operational op-amp to amplify the measurement to a voltage more suitable for an arduino. One can utilize the internal 1.1vdc band gap voltage reference for the arduino A/D function to make it more suitable for measuring lower voltage levels. Look around for example circuits and code.