Connect tft display to Arduino Uno and play the example

Okei. Thanks! I'll do it and I tell you if it works. Just one question, why if its not soldered, the white light is on when I charged it?

That is life. Obviously there will be at least 2 pins that make good contact. But it is not wise to think all of the pin connections are reliable.

Incidentally, the Microchip Curiosity AVR128DB48 board comes with slightly zig-zagged header holes. You can insert male header strip carefully. And the pins all press reliably against the plated-through holes. But straight line holes will never work without solder.

Some tips.

  1. Buy Adafruit displays.
  2. Follow Adafruit tutorials exactly. e.g. use the same wiring.
  3. Add wire-colour to each wire. It helps you. It helps us.
  4. Post photos of your actual wiring.