connect the "arduino duemilanove" with AVR Studio?

Hello to everyone in this foum!

My question is how to connect the "arduino duemilanove" with AVR Studio. I've bought the ATmega328 version. Can anyone explain me how to proceed or can link me a tutorial?

I'd appreciate it!

Thx in advance GooSe

is there a reason why you need to use avr studio? I’m sure it’s a fine product but the arduino is all set up to use its own development environment and has it’s bootloader accordingly.

I think if you look around the avr freaks website you can find an avr studio tutorial but i believe you will need to invest in a separate programmer.

What do you mean by "connect to avr studio" ?

In theory, you connect the avr-studio-compatible programming device to the arduino's 6-pin ICSP connector and you're all set, as long as all you wanted was to be able to program the chip. It MIGHT be possible to tell avr studio that it's talking to a STK-500 v1 programmer on the appropriate serial port and use the arduino bootloader, but you'd have to pay more attention to avoiding the bootloader flash area and such.

If you you had in mind using the debugwire stuff for more advanced debugging; I don't know if the arduino reset circuitry is compatible with its use...

Quick question, why use AVR studio instead of Arduino IDE? One of my posts shows how to to download an AVR studio program onto the Arduino board: