connect this pressure transducer directly to my Arduino Uno?

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Can I connect this pressure transducer up directly to my Arduno Uno with out any additional circuitry in-between? I’m planning to power it from the Arduino’s 5V port, ground to the Arduino, and have the .5-4.5v output from the transducer going to one of the analog inputs. My transducer is going to be on a compressor in my garage and the wires will run from there to my Arduino attached to my iMac via usb. The distance from my compressor to the iMac/Arduino is about 30’. Any issues with this distance? What type of wire would folks recommend I use?


Yes it looks like you can.

From what I've read on the forum I think I'm going to go with 22 AWG solid wire.

The problem with solid wire is that it fractures when subject to bending and vibration. I would always use stranded wire for this sort of thing.