Connect to multiple sensors using breadboard and centipede shield

Hi, I'm a beginner to hardware and Arduino. I've been assigned a task lately regrading connection to multiples sensors. My task is to figure a way to connect two types of sensors. However, the number of each type sensor is around 20, so the total will be around 40.

Sensor 1: GND to GND, Signal to digital Pin
Sensor 2 : 5V to VCC, GND to GND, OUT to Digital Pin

So, I have decided to stack a centipede shield on my Arduino UNO to connect to OUT of sensors and use a beardboard from Arduino UNO (shield stacked) connect to GND and VCC of all the sensors. Is it workable?

To further illustrate,

GND of Arduino UNO (shield stacked) - beardboard - GND of Sensor
5V of Arduino UNO (shield stacked) - beardboard - VCC of Sensor
Digital Pin of Arduino UNO (shield stacked) - OUT of sensor

Any help and answer is appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:

since the UNO does not have 40 inputs, how will you bring 40 individual sensors to 40 separate inputs ?

I am not familiar with the term 'centipede shield'

as for connecting power and ground, you will need to add up all the power requirements and make sure that the total of all sensors does not use more power than the power supply can deliver.

I would suggest you create a simple list of sensors

1A = pin A0 // using analog pins as digital inputs
1B = pin A1
1C = pin A2

2A = pin

and so on.. that will help you with listing them in your sketch for measuring and controlling