connect to usb gps?

Most commercial gps units have USB ports. Has anyone tried interfacing to one through the arduino's usb port?

The reason I'm interested is b/c I can't find any inexpensive gps modules that will do 10hz with good positional accuracy, except the Atmel ATR0625, which is QFN56, and has a 300 count minimum order. However, I could buy a receiver with that chipset, and potentially communicate with it over USB.

Hm, generelly i dont think it is possible to attach any USB thing to an Arduino… yet this may be different. The manual shows that the USB is just a disguised Serial interface and so you could try interfacing it using Digital Pins 0 and 1 to read from the USB Port…
I am really unsure if this can work, but i dont see anything really speaking against it…

i’m pretty sure connecting to the usb port will yield nothing. open it up and see if you can find a level converter, if you can, look up the datasheet and find it’s inputs, then tap into the ttl inputs.

In order to connect a USB GPS to the Arduino, you have to make the Arduino act as a USB master. Normally, the PC or Mac acts as USB master and the GPS is a USB slave. And the Arduino is normally a USB slave, too. There's no easy way to make the Arduino act as a USB host. It's something that gets asked every so often, but nobody appears to have done it yet.

Ah, I didn't know that. It'd be nice if the arduino was configured with USB OTG, so it could act as master or slave.

Are there any arduino variants out there with real usb?

No there is a lot of processing to do to make a master.