Connect two cables through pins

I want to connect a remote control of a selfie stick to an Arduino Mega but I do not know how to do it.

I have welded two cables to the two sides of the camera button and now I can shoot when I put the two cables together.

So in this moment I just need to use two pins of the Arduino board and write the code to make the connection between the two pins to take photos and control it.

How can I do it?

I would isolate the camera electronics by using a relay to close the shutter switch.

You don’t need to use an Arduino for basic remote control. Just buy a cheap single channel remote with relay output from eBay.

Purists would prefer the term “solder” to “weld” when referring to joining wires to a switch.


Thanks, I did not know I had to use a relay. I need an Arduino because this is only a little part of the project.

English is not my native language so I was not sure which word was better :wink:


is welding.

It is a curious thing that non-English languages seem unable to distinguish this from the process of electronic soldering. We keep coming across the translation problem here and on eBay.

Welding involves melting the metal objects being joined, soldering or brazing both
involve melting a metal that acts as a glue but doesn't melt the objects being joined.

Brazing uses higher temperatures and makes stronger joints - for instance bicycle
frames are often brazed. Solder is not strong enough for this.