Connect two speakers to Arduino GPIO

Good Morning, I am new in arduino programmation. I saw the library "tone.cpp" that permits me to play a sequence of notes to play a song on a speaker connected to arduino but I can play only ONE sequence on ONE speaker and, so, only one-hand piano songs. What about play two different sequences of notes on two different speakers connected to the same arduino at the same time? Is it possible? Thank you in advice.

It is possible but not with the tone library. You want to use a polyphonic tone generator, then you don't need an extra speaker it all comes out of one.

Thank you for the reply. How can I do it?

How can I do it?

I said:-

You want to use a polyphonic tone generator

So you google arduino polyphonic libiary

and pick one. In case google doesn't work where you are I did this for you.

Have a look at or or or get the idea?

Thank you so much.